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Today is my birthday…Hooray!! Being a kidney patient everyday is a gift but a birthday that’s really something to celebrate.  My posting today isn’t going to be a reflection of the past year… no sir.  This posting will about everything I am thankful for.. so here goes.

1. Shout out to my Doctors (all five of them-different specialties of course) Thank you for being tough and sensitive.

2. My nurses are the best in the business! My Social Worker-Sandy for your support and My Sandy S for teachng me how to eat and giving my encouragement!

3. The technicans for making my dialysis treatments easy and for making me laugh all the time.

4. My drivers who take me to and from dialysis.. you guys always keep me safe.

5. My friends who don’t treat me different because of my illness. I appreciate that!!

6. My other half,my Clyde to my Bonnie,and the best part of me Keeshan…Thank you for staying up with me when I’m having a bad night.  Thank you for reminding me to take my medicine.  Thank you for holding me when I’m too weak to walk and rubbing my back when I’m in pain.  You’re the best!

7. My brother.. there isn’t enough space for all the words I want to say about you. You stuck with me during my darkest moments. Said the words I needed to hear and encouraged me when I felt the world on my shoulders.  I love you like a fat kid loves cake!!

8. Mom and Dad….your prayers and support are one of the reasons I am here today.  Mom, your words gave me strength and your love has pushed me through.  God picked wisly when he put us together.  Dad, thank you for teaching me to be tough.  Your life lessons have helped me endure all the challenges that have come my way.

9. God… I have questioned and you’ve answered. I may not have liked you answers at times but you never gave up on me.  You have given me the “right” people to help me carry my cross.  How Great You Are!!

That being said, THANK YOU for reading this post…Have a blessed Sunday everyone!

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