Orange County Kidney Walk, 2012

Team La Puente Dialysis

The Team

Starting Line… Ready,Set, WALK!

So it begins…

My Family such wonderful people… My brother,Anthony on the left was/is my biggest supporter. I couldn’t ask for a better brother and friend on my side!!

I think we were a mile a way from the finish line…???

This was the “midway” point…YES!!!

Yup, still at the midway point… I think most of us were waiting for our ride ***clearing my throat** Sandy D…haha! I was right along with you,sister!

My girls and Mr.Sanchez… running back to the finish line!

Nury doing her victory run….go!!

WE MADE IT!!! Our FIRST Kidney Walk…woot,woot!!!

This is me at the finish line. It was so fun!!!

This was such a wonderful experience for me.  I got to meet so many brave people and their families.  Thank you to all who donated to this cause it means the world to me.  Thank you to my brother Anthony, Monica, Nury,and Sandy D for working hard to get donations….You ALL rock!!!

Until the next WALK (which is in October-get your walking shoes ready) thank you again.


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