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Transplant Evaluation

I got my letter in the mail on November 22nd notifying me that I am scheduled for my evaluation process. Why, may you ask was this so important to me. It’s not liked I’ve been listed, right? I am in the preliminary stage for the transplant program. It was a reminder to me that situations can change,nothing is permanent, and I am moving forward.

I arrived at USC University Hospital promptly at 7:30am. My mom, Sonia, came with me and we both waited in the lobby of the beautiful hospital. I thought quietly to myself and breathed sigh of relief. Wow, I’ve come a long way since my diagnosis. The story of how this happened, when, and where is another story that I will share bit by bit. But for now, I shall write about “real-time” events.

I hold in my hand my “golden ticket” the letter certifying that I am in the process of being listed. I show my letter to the Social Worker/Admittance desk and he proceeds to have all my paperwork ready for the Cardiology and Radiology Dept. I’m handed my admittance paper and off I go to floor number 2.

i stepped off nervously from the elevator to enter the Cardiology Dept. I hand in my clearance paper, sit down, and next thing I know I’m being called. The nurse explains she will listen to my heart,take pictures(ultra sound)and lastly do an EKG.The whole process took about  30 mins. Once,that was completed, I then proceeded to Radiology. Those test included abdominal ultrasound and chest x-ray.

It was quite interesting watching  the technicans and nurses work so diligently to ensure their work would not have any errors.  I left there knowing that I was taken care of and I am closer to my new life.  

Now, we wait for the outcome… stay tuned

“The only medicine for suffering, crime, and all the other woes of mankind, is wisdom.”

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